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Sacthoth, Harbinger of Doom is a boss monster added by Abyssalcraft.


Sacthoth, Harbinger of Doom 1.12.2.png
The legendary Harbinger of Doom.


The player should be ready for Sac'thoth once they at least have a full diamond or greater set of armor and weaponry with the Light Pierce or Sharpness enchant, whichever they prefer. Potions of Speed is recommended to mitigate the slowness effect of the smoke.


  • HP: 300
  • Armor Rating: 20
  • Armor Toughness: 0
  • Attack Damage: 30
  • Shadow Breath Damage: 0-8 depending on how close the player is.
  • Movement Speed: Moderately Slow.
  • Dimensions: 1x4x1
  • Immunities: Pratically everything you throw at him, except for melee attacks.

Special Properties

  • A special message will be displayed when an arrow is deflected.
  • Sacthoth will display a boss bar upon spawning.
  • Sacthoth shares the same idling sound as Blazes, except in a deeper pitch.
  • All attempts to suffocate Sacthoth are futile, as he'll teleport elsewhere.
  • pit traps are useless, as Sacthoth will merely climb out of the pit.
  • Spawns 1 Shadow Beast, 6 Shadow Monsters, and 10 Shadow Creatures on death.
  • The player is affected by an indefinite time of blindness upon being near him, preventing any form of critical hits.
  • Laughs in Damage Cap at 24 damage.
  • The player can fight multiple Sac'thoths at the same time, but this is ill-advised.


  • Sacthoth will try to slice the player with his sword as a form of a direct hit.
  • Sacthoth will try to spew shadowy smoke at the player, blinding and slowing them down on top of inflicting damage so long as the player is enveloped in the shadowy smoke.


Along with a slew of EXP, Sacthoth, Harbinger of Doom drops his Soul Reaper Blade, along with 32 Shadow Fragments, 16 Shadow Gem Shards, 8 Shadow Gems, 8 Shards of Oblivion, and a Greater Scroll.

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