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Shadow Fragment.png
A Shadow Fragment seen in an inventory.

Shadow Fragments are material items added by Abyssalcraft.


Dropped by Shadow Creatures (1-3) On death.


  • Used to craft Shadow Gem Shard at a rate of 9 to 1 in a Crafting Table.
  • Using 2 Shadow Fragments, a Coralium Pearl, a Shadow Gem and 5 Monolith Stone in a Crafting Table yields a Sacrifical Altar.
  • In Rituals, 4 Shadow Fragments, along with 4 Redstone, 4 Glowstone, or 4 Arrows will amplify a Ritual Charm's Duration, Power, or Range respectively at the cost of 100 PE. The amplifiers are mutually exclusive, and the player must choose which Charm Amplifier to apply wisely.
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