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Skeleton Goliath
The Skeleton Goliath
The Skeleton Goliath
Location The Abyssal Wasteland
Health 100
Damage 20
Height 4.5
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 0.23
NBT Tags none

The Skeleton Goliath is an elite mob that rarely spawns in The Abyssal Wasteland.

It is very tall, and deals 20 damage per hit, along with it having 100 health.


The Skeleton Goliath drops 3 - 5 bones, with a  ~40% chance of dropping it's Cudgel.


The Skeleton Goliath is hostile towards the player, attacking them when it's close enough. The player should pay attention to this, because the Skeleton Goliath is really big (4.5 blocks tall), and not in, any way, slow. If it reaches you, then try to find a small spot where it can't get through.