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Spectral Dragon
The Spectral Dragon
The Spectral Dragon
Location The Abyssal Wasteland
Health 30
Damage 8
Height 3
Viewing distance 32
Movement speed 1
NBT Tags none

The Spectral Dragon is an elite mob that appears in The Abyssal Wasteland. They work as a "healing potion" for Asorah, who will devour their life force in order to heal himself.


Spectral dragons drops 1 - 3 Coralium Plagued flesh on death.


Spectral dragons are always hostile towards the player (current AI makes them act like the Ender Dragon, this will be changed in the future). They fly towards the player and bump them (while also dealing damage), along with any mobs that gets in their way. They are capable of flying through any material.

They can be driven back using the Staff of Rending or Bow and Arrows as hitting them will cancel any attempted charge to the player.


  • Around the time the Spectral Dragon was released, there was an issue with the texture, causing them to be entirely white. This caused another issue when the movement AI sometimes glitched, making them look like huge moths.
  • In server play, they seem to be immune to most ranged damage except directly on the snout/face. They take melee damage anywhere on the body.
  • Up until AbyssalCraft 1.8.8 Beta, this mob had 100 HP