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Staff of The Gatekeeper is a tool added by Abyssalcraft.

the staff seen within the Inventory.


Ritual for Staff of The Gatekeeper.

You will need 1 x Abyssal Wasteland Essence, 1 x Dreadlands Essence, 1 x Omothol Essence, 3 x Eldritch Scales, 2 x Ethaxium Ingots, 1 x Omothol Staff of Rending and you will need to do it in Omothol. You will also need the Abyssalnomicon loaded with at lest 15000.0 PE.


  • The Staff of the Gatekeeper can be charged in the exact same way as the Staff of Rending, which is shown here.
  • The player can toggle between Gateway Key and Rending modes by pressing the Change Staff of The Gatekeeper Mode Key, which is the M key by default.
  • It collects 5 units of the respectively upon holding down Right-Click and having the crosshair on a compatible monster while inflicting 5 points of damage.
  • It has a melee attack stat of 1 damage.
  • The Staff is fully functional, even while in the player's Off-Hand.


  • Sapping - Increases damage of rending monsters by 1 (Max 10 with Sapping X).
  • Multi-Rend - Multiple monsters can be rended at the same time.
  • Curse of Vanishing - Despite having no durability bar, this curse will instantly break the staff if the player dies while having it in their inventory.

List of Compatible Monsters[]

Shadow Energy[]

Abyssal Wasteland[]