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The Dark Realm is the fourth dimension in Abyssalcraft.


The sky of the Dark Realm is black, with no celestial bodies or markings of any kind. The terrain is made up entirely of Darkstone, and Shadow Creatures of various types spawn in abundance here. This is the home of Sacthoth, Harbinger of Doom.


The following mobs populate the Dark Realm:

Traveling to the Dark Realm[]

To enter the Dark Realm, simply jump off the edge of an island in Omothol. WARNING: Fall damage does occur.

To exit, use Cha'garoth's R'lyehian Gateway Key to create a portal back to Omothol.

Dark Realm-affected Materials[]

Like in the The End and The Nether, compasses and clocks won't work at all in The Dark Realm.


Naturally generated[]

Blocks that are created when generating a world seed.


Dimension ID 53