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A Transmutation Gem in an inventory after completing the ritual.

The Transmutation Gem is an item added in AbyssalCraft. It's main use is in crafting the Transmutator, but is also used to create Shards of Oblivion, and is used in Rituals to create the Depths Set and in order to summon Asorah, The Fallen.


Infusion Ritual

Infuse a Coralium Pearl with 2 Diamonds, 2 Ender Pearls and 2 units of Blaze Powder. Requires 300 PE (as of AbyssalCraft

Used in Recipes[]


(Note - Transmutation Gems have 10 uses before dropping to an empty bar. On the 11th craft, the gem will completely break.)

  • Combine with 4 Shadow Gems to make a Shard of Oblivion.
  • With the Transmutation Gem in the center, a Liquid Coralium Bucket on the bottom, 2 Block of Refined Coralium next to the bucket and filling the rest with 5 Coralium Brick will craft a Transmutator.
  • With the Gem in the center, a Chest on the bottom, and filling the rest with 7 Monolith Stone will craft a State Transformer.
  • With the Gem in the center, an Energy Relay below it, 2 Shadow Gems placed next to the Transmutation Gem and then placing 5 Monolith Stone to fill the rest will craft an Energy Depositioner.


  • In a Transmutator, it acts as a fuel capable of Transmutating 50 items. This consumes the gem, regardless of durability.


(Note - Rituals associated with this item require the player to have an Abyssal Wastelands Necronomicon or above, and be within the Abyssal Wastelands to conduct these rituals. The Gem will lose 1 point in durability upon completing the ritual.)


The player can enchant this gem with Mending or Unbreaking using the Mass Enchant Ritual. Anvils will not work for the Transmutation Gem.