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A Washcloth within an inventory.

Washcloths are Tools added by Abyssalcraft.


In a Crafting Table, place Wool in the center and surround it with Cobwebs. Cobwebs can be found in Mineshafts or Strongholds, and can be harvested using Shears.


Used to clean Dirty Plates in a Crafting Table. It has 20 uses before breaking on the 21st use.


  • Mending - Players can recover this item's durability using EXP orbs. 1 point of EXP recovers 2 durability. If the item has 0 uses remaining, then it will require 10 EXP to fully repair the tool.
  • Unbreaking - Has a chance to ignore durability loss.
  • Curse of Vanishing - If a player dies while having this cursed item in their inventory, it will instantly break.
  • Enchants can be applied using an Anvil or the Mass Enchanting Ritual.


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